Thursday, July 2, 2015

Search Engine Optimization for Local Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Local Business; be it small, medium, or large is a technique for website improvement. This improvement is both onsite and offsite, and both have one aim; To Increase Rankings in the Search Engines, primarily Google, who in spite of what some report is still the biggest in the online universe.

The cycle is quite simple:  SEO optimize both onsite and offsite, you then rank higher for more search terms people are using, with more higher rankings come more visitors to your website, more visitors mean more contacts, more income, more growth, and more profit.

The future for business growth is on the internet, just look at the statistics that show every year a growth in internet searches. More people each year searching for all services they need for their lives from health care to car repair. It is not just for us to shop for Christmas gifts on Amazon to keep from facing the crowded malls. SEO is the way to best utilize this wonderful tool for your business growth.

As we have talked about, yes arguably but Google is the most widely used search engine. They give an accurate listing of the needs, items, questions, services, and more people use them to find. From one corner of this great country to the other, however they use their secret algorithm to harvest monstrous amounts of online information to bring these people the most accurate answers to their search terms. SEO comes in here and shows their algorithm that your site is one of the best answers to that search inquiry.

Once a site is built that is just the beginning of the work and regular attention needed to get and keep your businesses site as high as possible in the search engine results. You want your site, which is a representation of your business, to pull in as many new clients, customers, and patients as possible.

Many think that all they have to do is pay someone to build the site for them, put their contact information in it and boom! Phone calls will start to burn up their phone lines. No, to be found on page 1, where your competitors are, and ranked in the top 3 with your competition takes work, time, and someone who knows what they are doing.

Honestly, most business owners are overwhelmed now with all their duties. They don’t need or want anything more to be laid on their shoulders, and a website needs attention to rank as high as possible. This is where a good local SEO company comes in, they handle all this for you, so you can be growing using this amazing thing called the internet.

If you are not growing using the internet, you are being left behind, if your website is not ranked in the top 3 of page 1, with your competitors and you are not investing in it to get it there, you should be and are losing new customers to your competitors.

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